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Alpacas for Sale
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We are thrilled to continue to be helpful to our customers, and we are so happy to be able to help more ranches, as we continue to sell alpacas in the US and Canada.

Purple-Ribbon Alpaca Brokering Prices

No. Brokered Alpacas Fee / Alpaca Commission
10 min. $115.00 USD
$151.00 CAN
20 $98.00 USD
$128.00 CAN
40 $83.00 USD
$109.00 CAN
60 $69.00 USD
$90.00 CAN
80+ $49.00 USD
$64.00 CAN

Blue-Ribbon Alpaca Brokering Prices

Price: $64 / Alpaca
19% commission when alpacas sell.

Our Blue-Ribbon brokering is a great way for us to help sell your alpacas at a more affordable price. Click here to see the differences between our Puple-Ribbon and Blue-Ribbon Alpaca Brokering.

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Alpacas for Sale