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MAMGB Raven Night

Solid true black

Price:  $5,000
Stud Fee:  $2,500
DOB:  9/19/2009
Species:  Alpaca
Breed:  Huacaya
Category:  Experienced Male
Color:  True Black

Raven Night is an example of good selective breeding results getting the improvements of the best from both parents.  Raven sports a rich,non-fading  true black fleece consistent from nose to toes.  The crimp style is a low amplitude, high magnitude crimp sporting fineness with density.  The features we like best about Raven are the consistency of color and character though out the fleece.  We were surprised by his 2011 histogram representing not only a finer fleece than his cria coat but more consistency as seen in his SD=4.8.  

The minimum fiber diameter was 21.4 and the coarsest was 24.5.  Considering that the average is 21.9 you can see the weighting of his fleece is the lower micron.  Looking a little closer at these numbers and you can see that his fleece has substantial uniformity and very low mendulated fibers.

His pedigree, Mondavi, Neruda, Shackleton, Kodiak, Caballero Andante, Knighthawk of KPR, and the King's Ransom are well expressed in Raven through conformation, fleece, and disposition.  There is a grand future in this boys breeding career.

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2nd Place Halter 2012 Spring Bling
Good conformation, with a good handle, but lacked the density of the first place alpaca.

Fiber Stats

12/2012 AFD: 25.45 SD: 5.72 COV: 22.46 %>30μ 16.22
Crimps/Inch: 9 Staple Length: 85 Shear Wt: 5.3 Blanket Wt: 3.2
14/2011 AFD: 21.86 SD: 4.82 COV: 22.07 %>30μ 6.84
Crimps/Inch: 9 Staple Length: 85 Shear Wt: 4.2 Blanket Wt: 2.5
10/2010 AFD: 21.98 SD: 5.39 COV: 24.54 %>30μ 9.2
Crimps/Inch: 9 Staple Length: 90 Shear Wt: 2.8 Blanket Wt: 1.4



Patagonia's Mondavi 
True Black 

Patagonia's Neruda 

Shackleton 562 

Kodiak 345 

Patagonia's Chic 

Caballero Andante 556 

Queen Charlotte 187 

True Black 

Knighthaawk of KPR 
Bay Black 

SA Greystoke 
Light Rose Grey 

KPR Magda 
Dark Silver Grey 

Twizzler D118 ALOA 
Dark Brown 

The Kings Ransom 
Medium Fawn 

Licorice PC G218 
True Black 

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