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CCHA Vanna Of WV

Vanna is a sweet girl with Hemingway, White Fawn, The Gold Smith and 4Peruvian Legacy lineage. 

Price:  $1,600
Discount:  50%
Discount Price:  $800
DOB:  8/28/2008
Species:  Alpaca
Breed:  Huacaya
Category:  Experienced Female
Color:  White
AOA: 31536745

Vanna is a sweet girl with lots of color and Peruvian heritage in her pedigree.

Vanna's sire is Followill CCHA Kong - a Peruvian Hemingway/PPeruvain Elizabeth and 4Peruvian Legacy/Snowmass Autumn Starlight grandson with a mix of color ranging from Medium Fawn to True Black with Followill Carmella and Jane Eyre lineage.

Vanna's dam is Abaco's Maddison a The Goldsmith HST daughter with some color linage from White Fawn HST, and Vincuna Heritage lineage.

Vanna has producted one offspring, WV's Tammy Fay 5/16/11 and is a wonderful mother.

She has lovely fleece and with her great lineage would make a wonderful addition to any herd.
main image
Beautiful Vanna
Beautiful Vanna
Vanna's Fleece
Vanna's Fleece
Vanna's Teeth
Vanna's Teeth

Fiber Stats

2015 AFD: 31.5 SD: 4.8 COV: 15.4 %>30μ 57.9
2012 AFD: 25.8 SD: 3.8 COV: 14.9 %>30μ 11.0
2011 AFD: 25.8 SD: 4.0 COV: 15.7 %>30μ 10.3
2010 AFD: 24.9 SD: 4.0 COV: 15.9 %>30μ 6.8



Followill CCHA Kong 

Snowmass /CCHAtanca 

Peruvian Hemingway 

PPeruvian Elizabeth 

Followill Carmella 
Medium Fawn 

4Peruvian Legacy 

Snowmass Autumn Starlight 
Medium Brown / White 

Abaco's Maddison 
Dark Fawn 

White Fawn 
Light Fawn 



BD The gold Medallion 
Medium Fawn/ White/ dark Fawn 

The Goldsmith 
Dark Fawn 

Vicuna Heritage 
Dark Fawn / White 

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