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Burning Sky's Stryker

DOB:  9/1/2011
Species:  Alpaca
Breed:  Huacaya
Category:  Inexperienced Male
Color:  White

main image



FRA Peruvian Sundance 
Light Fawn / Medium Fawn / Bay Black 

SCA Peruvian Desert Sun 
Light Fawn 

4Peruvian Black Magic 
True Black 

PPPeruvian Misty Maiden 
Medium Fawn 

MA Selasia 
Dark Brown 

PPPeruvian Kenamori Gold 

MA Selena 
True Black / White 

Angelfyre of Burning Sky 

Snowmass Red Hot Tawny port 
Medium Brown 

5Peruvian Red Hot 

5Peruvian Colini 
Medium Fawn 

Chica Caliente of Burning Sky 
Medium Brown 

Aladdin of KPR 
bay Black 

My Peruvian Libertad 

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