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High Falutin's Chaos

Chaos is a gorgeous dark fawn suri male with Kobe of PVA, Mahogany Prince, Don Quixote, and Peruvian Redio Flyer  genetics!

Price:  $800
Discount:  50%
Discount Price:  $400
DOB:  12/13/2010
Species:  Alpaca
Breed:  Suri
Category:  Inexperienced Male
Color:  Dark Fawn
AOA: 32769418

Chaos is a XC Packo son, with outstanding Kobe of PVA genetics. His pedigree is chock full of color ranging from light fawns to medium browns and true blacks.

Chaos' dam is Miss Faith, a Don Quixote granddaughter with Peruvian Redio flyer genetics.

This guy has very silky fleece, beautiful eyes, and his personality fits his name, as he is super curious and overly inquisitive - as he gets into everything. He is very comical and sweet though, personality wise.

Chaos has good conformation and a correct bite. Personality wise - he lets his caregivers pet him. He is nervous around strangers, and passive in the herd.

His fleece has outstanding luster and a medium lock. His fleece also makes very nice yarn that sells quickly and easily on our farm. Grade 2.

Chaos is ready to breed and produce some amazing colored offspring! With his exceptional genetics, and fun personality, Chaos would be a great addition to any breeding program.

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Fiber Stats

Shear Wt: 2.1



XC Packo 
Bay Black  

Florenza of PVA 
Dark Brown 

Kobe of PVA 
True Black 

Felice of PVA 
Light Fawn 

Medium Brown 

Black is Black  
True Black  

Acero Marka's Sweetheart 
Beige, White 

Miss Faith 

The Kid 
Light Fawn 

Beige, White 


Four Winds Isabelle 
White, Medium Fawn 

AQI Donquixote IMPORTC98 
dark fawn 

Peruvian Redio Flyer 

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