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Columbia Mist Commodore's Corina

1/2 Accoyo Top 5% FW EPD

Price:  $4,900
Discount:  40%
Discount Price:  $2,940
DOB:  9/2/2008
Species:  Alpaca
Breed:  Huacaya
Category:  Experienced Female
Color:  White
AOA: 31492157

You may buy Corina for $2,940 (40% off market value) during our Retirement Sale!

A beautiful large fine-boned girl who has good genetics. She has four generations of all white ancestors since records were kept after importation to the U.S. On the top side she has Caligula as a great-grandsire. On the bottom side she has Blockbuster from Magical Farms.

She has been a good producer of top EPD offspring. She holds down the top 5% in the national herd for fleece weight, top 13% for staple length and top 14% for standard deviation or uniformity.

Her 2011 fiber sort indicated a 7 out of 10 for brightness, with density of 8 out of 10 and fleece exhibits a moderate amplitude and high frequency crimp of 10-11 crimps per in. with uniformity being a 8.5 out of 10) extremely uniform primaries and secondaries aligning nicely. She produced 55.0 oz of worsted and woolen grade 3 & 4 in her blanket and 26.0 of the same in her neck. Her staple length is 3.5 to 4 inches.

Her son out of Dionysus' Zacheo- Traffic Jam was in the top 1% for staple length and ranked #106 out of 19,048 males in the national herd in 2015.

Whether you are interested in purchasing high quality alpacas for breeding, show, fiber or selecting a herd sire to breed to, you should use Expected Progeny Differences (EPDs) as your most important selection tool in addition to evaluating phenotype and genetics. Our herd has some of the highest EPD accuracy ratings due to breeding some of the best genetics and due to the shear number of these genetics in the EPD database. Consequently you can also increase the probability of creating ideal offspring with up to 95% accuracy. Contact us to learn more about using EPDs. We have been using them to improve our herd since 2008.
main image
Corina's Head
Corina's Head

Fiber Stats

2016 AFD: 28.2 SD: 4.6 COV: 16.4 %>30μ 27.3 Curve: 35.8
CF: 26.5 Staple Length: 81.6 Shear Wt: 6.16
2015 AFD: 27.7 SD: 4.7 COV: 17.1 %>30μ 24.6
CF: 26.1 Staple Length: 71.4 Shear Wt: 7.70
Shear Wt: 8.1
2011 AFD: 26.7 SD: 4.8 COV: 18.0 %>30μ 19 Curve: 37.3
CF: 25.4 Staple Length: 92.2 Shear Wt: 7.13
2010 AFD: 23.3 SD: 4.4 COV: 18.7 %>30μ 5.8 Curve: 36.8
Staple Length: 104.6
2009 AFD: 22.6 SD: 4.4 COV: 19.5 %>30μ 5.4 Curve: 38.1
Staple Length: 123.2


Average Fiber Diameter (microns)
0.208 0.516 29562 of 39442
Standard Deviation (microns)
-0.273 0.516 5609 of 39442
Percent of Fibers larger than 30 microns (%)
1.56 0.576 32595 of 39442
Spin Fineness (microns)
0.165 0.573 28386 of 39442
Fleece Weight
0.634 0.392 1855 of 39442
Mean Staple Length (mm)
1.747 0.431 5276 of 39442
Mean Curvature (deg/mm)
0.192 0.503 18748 of 39442
Standard Deviation of Curvature
-0.239 0.533
Percent Medullation (%)
-0.383 0.427 16401 of 39442


  Full Peruvian      

Columbia Mist Admiral's Commodore 

Caligula's Accoyo The Admiral 

PPeruvian Caligula 

PPPeruvian Misti 

CAA Luxanna 

NWA, LTD Accoyo Luxor 

NWA, LTD, Anna 

My Peruvian Jenna 

Peruvian Blockbuster 

PPPeruvian Bravado 

PPPeruvian Blossom 

PPPeruvian Jete 



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