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Columbia Mist Valedar's Armando

3/4 Accoyo Five Top 1% EPDs!

Price:  $25,000
Stud Fee:  $2,500
Discount:  40%
Discount Price:  $15,000
DOB:  7/21/2005
Species:  Alpaca
Breed:  Huacaya
Category:  Experienced Male
Color:  White
AOA: 1188868

Valedar's Armando may be purchased for $15,000 (40% off market price) during our Retirement Sale!

Armando, a Victor grandson,full Peruvian and 5/8/Accoyo, was one of the lowest micron studs in the Ideal Alpaca Program and Ranked #3 in 2014 for fineness and #2 for spin fineness in the AOA EPD program and also extremely dense . In 2014 he was in the top 1% in six of the nine EPDs and top 2% in one other. This is quite an accomplishment for a nine year old breeding stud. In 2013 he was ranked #2 in both micron and spin fineness! He is built very sturdy on a compact frame and possesses good conformation.

His genetics run deep with Victor's Valedar as his sire, Pperuvian Victor as grandsire and Peruvian Hemingway his great-grandsire on the top side. On the bottom side he has Pperuvian Hemingway as his great-grandsire.

A recent fiber sort showed 8 out of 10 for brightness, 9 out of 10 for density and 8 out of 10 for uniformity of crimp with moderate amplitude and moderate frequency of 6-7 per inch. He had 45.5 oz of WL 2 & 3 in his blanket and 36.0 of the same in his neck. Staple length is 2 1/2 - 3 inches. Sorter said "nice density and volume, nice loft and lovely handle."

He has not only maintained incredible lingering fineness, but also uniformity of fiber,curvature, % under 30 microns and lack of medullation through his eleventh shearing! Mike Safley evaluated Armando and commented that he was very nice for his age and would make a great stud for a colored breeding program after noticing his small brown spot on his topknot on an otherwise all white fiber coverage. Our experience in breeding him is that he throws white or light fawn cria even when bred to dark browns.

Armando's EPD 2016 Results: As of his 11th shearing, Armando is in the top 1% and off the charts on fineness, spin fineness, %>30M and Curvature and on lack of medulation; top 2% in uniformity of fiber (SD), and despite a shorter staple length still is in the top 32% in fleece weight. If you want to make large genetic gains with either white or colored females who need improvement in these characteristics, then consider purchasing Armando!

Whether you are interested in purchasing high quality alpacas for breeding, show, fiber or selecting a herd sire to breed to, you should use Expected Progeny Differences (EPDs) as your most important selection trait as well as evaluate phenotype and genetics.
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Armando's Right Side
Armando's Right Side
Front Shot
Front Shot
Right Side
Right Side
Left Side
Left Side

Fiber Stats

2016 AFD: 20.7 SD: 4.0 COV: 19.5 %>30μ 1.9 Curve: 46.5
Shear Wt: 5.75 lbs.
2015 AFD: 21.0 SD: 4.7 COV: 22.5 %>30μ 3.4
Shear Wt: 7.1
2014 AFD: 21.3 SD: 4.4 COV: 20.8 %>30μ 3.3 Curve: 44.6
Shear Wt: 7.2
2013 AFD: 18.5 SD: 3.9 COV: 21.2 %>30μ 0.8 Curve: 52.4
2011 AFD: 19.7 SD: 4.6 COV: 23.3 %>30μ 2.5 Curve: 48.4
Shear Wt: 6.0
2010 AFD: 19.1 SD: 4.5 COV: 23.5 %>30μ 1.5 Curve: 49.8
Shear Wt: 7.0lbs.
2009 AFD: 18.2 SD: 3.9 COV: 21.5 %>30μ 0.7 Curve: 50.2
Shear Wt: 7.2lbs.
2008 AFD: 16.5 SD: 4.2 COV: 25.4 %>30μ 0.8 Curve: 31.0
2007 AFD: 15.3 SD: 3.5 COV: 22.9 %>30μ 0.5
2006 AFD: 16.9 SD: 3.9 COV: 23.1 Curve: 43.9


Average Fiber Diameter (microns)
-2.822 0.555 17 of 21089
Standard Deviation (microns)
-0.544 0.554 423 of 21089
Percent of Fibers larger than 30 microns (%)
-9.021 0.637 63 of 21089
Spin Fineness (microns)
-3.02 0.635 11 of 21089
Fleece Weight
0.286 0.426 6837 of 21089
Mean Staple Length (mm)
-0.164 0.464 11234 of 21089
Mean Curvature (deg/mm)
5.867 0.537 201 of 21089
Standard Deviation of Curvature
2.529 0.57
Percent Medullation (%)
-6.234 0.453 97 of 21089


3/4 Accoyo   Full Peruvian      

Victor's Valedar 

PPeruvian Victor 
Medium fawn, White 



Sara's Sahara 
White, True Black 

Peruvian Hemingway  

PPeruvian Sara 

CAA Luxanna 

NWA, LTD Accoyo Luxor 


PPPeruvian Adona 

NWA, LTD Anna 

Peruvian Hemingway 

PPeruvian Anais 

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