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Columbia Mist Armando's Victor

Great Genetics 4 Top EPDs 50.8% Curve!

Price:  $7,500
Discount:  40%
Discount Price:  $4,500
DOB:  7/15/2015
Species:  Alpaca
Breed:  Huacaya
Category:  Inexperienced Male
Color:  White
AOA: 35279143

You may buy Armando's Victor for $4,500 (40% off) during our Retirement Sale! Armando's Victor has a great head and phenotype with dense fiber.

Victor's sire, Armando's EPD 2015 Results: As of his 10th shearing, Armando is in the top 1% and off the charts on fineness, spin fineness, %>30M and Curvature, SD on Curvature and on lack of medulation; top 3% in uniformity of fiber (SD), and despite a shorter staple length still is in the top 29% in fleece weight.

His genetics run deep with Victor's Valedar as his sire, Pperuvian Victor as grandsire and Peruvian Hemingway his great-grandsire on the top side. On the bottom side he has Pperuvian Hemingway as his great-grandsire.

Victor's mother, Alamar's Eleonora is the product of breeding between two of our best alpacas- Admiral's Alamar and Elizabeth Scott. She has three generations of all white ancestors going back to the importation. On her father's side she has Caligula's Accoyo The Admiral as her grand sire who sheared at 17 lbs, great grand sire of Pperuvian Caligula and great great grand sire of Peruvian Hemingway. On her mother's side she Has Pperuvian Vengador as her grand sire and Peruvian Camilio as her great grand sire and Shere Khan as her great great grandsire. She has 3 generations of white ancestors back to the importation.

Victor's EPDs for 2016: He is in the top 3% for curvature, top 5% for fineness and lack of medullation, top 7% for spin fineness, top 12% for fibers less than 30M. If you have females that need improvement in these values, you should purchase Victor as a future herd sire.

Trait/ Value/ Accuracy/ Rank in the National Herd

AFD -1.608/ 0.372/ 1040 of 21089 Top 5%

SDAFD -0.224/ 0.372/ 5255 of 21089 Top 25%

SF -1.528/ 0.384/ 1398 of 21089 Top 7%

%F>30 -4.851/ 0.389/ 2538 of 21089 Top 12%

MC 4.805/ 0.372/ 544 of 21089 Top 3%

SDMC 1.772/ 0.388

%M -3.645/ 0.347/ 984 of 21089 Top 5%

main image
Armando's Victor
Armando's Victor
Victor's front profile
Victor's front profile
Victor's head
Victor's head
Victor as a yearling
Victor as a yearling

Fiber Stats

2016 AFD: 17.2 SD: 3.9 COV: 22.6 %>30μ 0.6 Curve: 50.8
Staple Length: 115.0 Shear Wt: 4.39


Average Fiber Diameter (microns)
-1.608 0.372 10401 of 21089
Standard Deviation (microns)
-0.224 0.372 5255 of 21089
Percent of Fibers larger than 30 microns (%)
-4.851 0.389 2538 of 21089
Spin Fineness (microns)
-1.528 0.384 1398 of 21089
Fleece Weight
0.341 0.281 5571 of 21089
Mean Staple Length (mm)
-1.058 0.316 15485 of 21089
Mean Curvature (deg/mm)
4.805 0.372 544 of 21089
Standard Deviation of Curvature
1.772 0.388
Percent Medullation (%)
-3.645 0.347 984 of 21089


  Full Peruvian      

Columbia Mist Armando's Victor 

Victor's Valedar 

PPeruvian Victor 
Medium Fawn, White 

Sara's Sahara 
White, True Black 

CAA Luxanna 

NWA, LTD Accoyo Luxor 

NWA, LTD, Anna 

Columbia Mist Alamar's Eleonora 

Columbia Mist Admiral's Alamar 

Caligula's Accoyo The Admiral 

CAA Luxanna 

Elizabeth Scott 

PPeruvian Vengador 

Pacific Crest Oona 
Dark Fawn 

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